Process Analyzer Offers Tremendous Versatility

Metrohm is among the world’s leading manufacturers and suppliers of chemical analysis instruments as well as being a name which is nearly synonymous with titration products. The company makes and distributes solutions for every step of sample handling, processing and analysis applications, with a focus on providing its customers with instruments which streamline workflow in the laboratory environment.

The company is pleased to be an official distributor of the ADI 2040 Process Analyzer manufactured by Applikon Analytical, an analyser which has acquired a well-deserved reputation as the most versatile on line instrument of its type available anywhere.

With durable IP65 rated housing, the ADI 2040 is a chemical analysis solution which is accurate enough for the laboratory but robust enough to withstand placement on the production floor for on line use directly in the production process. For Zone 1 and Zone 2 areas, an Atex certified version of the ADI 2040 Process analyzer is also available.  

Using the one of a kind Applikon Analytical wet part module construction system, the ADI 2040 can automate virtually any process or chemical analysis application since this instrument has the flexibility and configurability to suit nearly any set of requirements. The ADI 2040 is an all-in-one analytical solution; it can handle multiple methods and programs, multiple analyses and multiple sample streams.

This powerful, flexible chemical analysis instrument also includes a full range of software and hardware allowing it to interoperate with a variety of different external devices using many different I/O methods – digital, analogue or serial communications are all supported. The ADI 2040 process analyzer can be integrated with and control external devices including sample conditioning instruments, valves and sensors for pH, flow and conductivity with ease.

The ADI 2040 features the capabilities for:

  • Multiple analyses ( 4 chemistries, 4 measurements )
  • Multiple methodologies ( titrations, ion-sensitive, colorimetric )
  • Multiple data inputs (flow, pH, conductivity and more)


With the ADI 2040, Metrohm offers a wet chemistry process analysis solution which does much more than simply provide process readings. To find out about this process analyzer,just click on a main icon from this page.

Date added: 2015-05-25 12:59:48