Start It Up With A C40 Autoclave From Priorclave

Now, more than ever, it is important to ensure that any equipment purchase provides value for money and years of dependable, stress-free service, doubly so when the investment is being made as part of setting up a new laboratory.

This is where the C40 autoclave from Priorclave comes into its own. This efficient compact machine is the ideal choice when laboratory space is at a premium or sterilisation requirements do not justify buying a larger machine. Unlike many other pieces of equipment that advertise themselves as ‘benchtop’, the small footprint of the C40 really does fit the description.

However, a smaller machine does not mean any compromise in standards or quality. The 40 litre capacity front-loading C40 autoclave with its 350mm diameter chamber is robustly designed with a superb exterior finish that helps prevent cross contamination by the incorporation of the Biomaster antibacterial agent into the resin coating.

And what’s more the C40 operates straight out of the box! Simply plug into a 230V, single-phase supply and the C40’s easy-to-programme and totally dependable TACTROL®2 microprocessor system will enable you to simply add temperature and duration figures, pick any special options, and then press start. The rest is totally automatic freeing up staff for more valuable jobs.

With the C40 you also have a choice of equipment formats, the standard model and one fitted with a very effective vacuum system for when a more demanding medium requires rapid processing or for laboratories where infrequent sterilisations take place.

Whatever system you choose you can be assured of the full support of Prioclave’s dedicated and experienced service team. And after the warranty period Priorclave’s Planned Maintenance Programmes are available to maintain your equipment’s full performance, reliability and functionality.

It is easy to see why the Priorclave C40 is such an excellent choice for any start-up laboratory, especially when value for money is important and, after all, when isn’t it?

Date added: 2013-10-01 16:44:34