The Priorclave H60 Compact Autoclave Ticks all the Boxes

Priorclave, the internationally recognised experts in autoclave design and manufacture, are renowned for offering a bespoke build service. Yes, if customers cannot find exactly what they require amongst Priorclave’s extensive range of free-standing top-loading, compact bench-top front loading and through wall double entry steam sterilisers, then Priorclave will undertake to design and make precisely what you need.

It is a completely sensible strategy, of course, because by listening to what users want you are in effect getting valuable feedback and are, at least potentially, getting valuable advice for what the market requires. And this is exactly what Priorclave has done. Their new H60 compact autoclave is the direct result of an initial single bespoke order for a single customer, now usefully added to their standard range.

The customer was impressed by the proven strengths of the current Priorclave Compact range and found the C40, a 40-litre bench top autoclave, an attractive option. However, they definitely required a larger chamber size and so the rather smart designers and engineers at Priorclave went to work and built what is now being offered to the medical and scientific community as the Priorclave H60, a compact autoclave with a horizontal 60 litre capacity chamber.

The Priorclave H60 has an internal chamber diameter of 350mm and a working depth of 625mm, ideally suited for research laboratories or other relatively low volume users, but with the features of much larger, more expensive, models. It boasts the advanced TACTROL® 2-microprocessor control system with staged illumination that provides a digital readout of cycle status, as well as enabling fast input of temperature and time.

Customers have a choice of either single or double heating elements, which will provide either a 90 or 75 minute cycle time. The H60 can be supplied for either manual or auto-water fill and also comes in a choice of standard or vacuum models.

Taken together all these features make the H60 compact autoclave ideal for a wide range of laboratory sterilising applications, including media preparation, laboratory waste disposal, glassware, instruments and apparatus. And although designed for easy installation and bench mounting, models in the versatile H60 autoclave range can be provided with a special stand to allow mounting next to a chosen working surface.

Although initially designed with one customer in mind, the Priorclave H60 looks set to tick all the boxes for a wide range of users who may be short of space or have low volume throughput.

Date added: 2015-05-25 12:29:55