Priorclave New 500 Litre Model Looks Set To Clean Up

Priorclave, a leading global manufacturer of laboratory and medical autoclaves, has extended its comprehensive range of autoclaves with the inclusion of a new 500-litre model, the Q63/EH500.

Like the rest of the Q63 range the sterilising chamber features a taller profile than other comparable makes of cylindrical autoclaves. This means it can hold a lot larger items than you might anticipate and, with an exceptional pack density, a lot more as well.

This is now the largest of Priorclave’s cylindrical-chamber steam sterilisers and it sits happily alongside lines of benchtop and free-standing machines with front loading, power door and double-ended configurations. The build quality is what you would expect from such a top autoclave designer and manufacturer as Priorclave and features such as forced air cooling, in order to reduce cycle time, plus automated free-steaming, for improved air removal, all combine to produce an outstanding sterilising performance.

And because the Q63/EH500 autoclave uses frame members and panels that are treated with an anti-bacterial agent containing epoxy resin, the problem of cross contamination of bacteria and fungi (including MRSA) is addressed even outside of the equipment.

Thanks to the castor mountings the new Q63/EH500 can be placed exactly where it is required and optional stainless steel buckets, loading trolleys and waste containers allow you to plan to match your particular needs. Operation could not be simpler thanks to Priorclave’s Tactrol® 2 microprocessor controller. This can be configured to log every aspect of pressure, temperature time and cycle data delivering it into a single file that can be downloaded onto you lab PC. From there you can directly contact, and interact with, Priorclave’s UK headquarters’ technical people to assist with any technical discussions.

The Q63/EH500 can be supplied for either electrical or direct steam heating and is a welcome addition to the range that looks likely to prove as popular as Priorclave’s Q63/320 model.

Date added: 2013-11-05 17:42:42