Platelet Aggregation - The Molecular Devices Elisa Plate Reader

The VersaMax is an incredibly flexible ELISA microplate reader. Using a grating monochromator to select the perfect wavelength for each assay, the VersaMax requires no filters. The instrument has a range of wavelengths from 430 nm to 850 nm and the tunability of the VersaMax means that it can use any plate which best meets the needs of your particular assay.

Whether using half area, round bottom or flat bottom well plates, the innovative optical design and the narrowly focused light beam of the Molecular Devices VersaMax ensures that you’ll get the same high level of performance.

With the VersaMax’s dual wavelength readings, users receive the actual absorbance reading at each wavelength, allowing for a wide array of data analysis tasks to fit a variety of different requirements and applications including platelet aggregation and microbial growth. Controlled temperatures (up to 45 °C) are also provided by the VersaMax ELISA plate reader for kinetics at both elevated and ambient temperatures.

Features of the Molecular Devices VersaMax Elisa Plate Reader include:

- 340 nm – 850 nm wavelength range, 2nm wavelength bandwidth

- 0 – 4.0 OD photometric range, 0 to 3.0 OD photometric linearity (405 nm)

- Monochromator is tunable in 1 nm increments

- Compact: 22 cm (h) x 58 cm (w) x 38 cm (d)

- 12 second endpoint read time, 9 second minimum interval kinetic read time

- Cost saving – never buy another filter

-Robotics compatible

The Molecular Devices VersaMax ELISA Plate Reader is ideal for applications including IC 50s/LD 50s, endpoint ELISAs/EIAs, microbial growth/MIC, colorimetric protein, platelet aggregation, cytoproliferation and cytotoxicity, bacterial identification and clotting/clot lysis.

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Date added: 2015-05-24 12:09:16