Plant Growth Incubator Offers Easy Operation

The demands of modern Plant Science require that meticulous care and attention be paid to every aspect of experimental work. The MLR Plant Growth Incubators, Cabinets and Chambers from Panasonic (the new brand name for Sanyo Laboratory Products) create the optimum environmental conditions for the acclimatisation and rearing of plants, and the culture of plant cells, tissues and organs.

They provide a spectrum of lighting patterns and temperatures that can be accurately reproduced to standardise conditions for your research needs and, in the case of the MLR-352, humidity can be adjusted too. Programming is by a microprocessor proportional integral derivative (PID) controller.

The temperature range is 0 to +50°C (lamp off) and 10 to +50°C (lamp on); the lighting range is 0lx to 20,000lx with a photosynthetically active photon flux of 150μmol m-2S-1. Relative humidity in the MLR-352 plant growth incubator can be controlled between 55% and 90% using a lightweight, high molecular membrane-type humidity sensor.

The new graphic LCD control panel means there is now even easier operation and calibration of your plant growth incubator. The programmable temperature function allows for 12 step programs and 10 patterns that can simply stored. Multiple programs can be connected in ‘join mode’ and an operation start day and time can be readily assigned. There is automatic data logging of operational data for around two weeks (6 minute intervals) and this can be viewed on the control panel or with the MTR-480 the data can be transmitter directly to your lab PC.

The performance, reproducibility and temperature control means the MLR range of plant growth incubators can also function as high performance cooled incubators. These specifications also allow the chamber to function as a facility for the experimental studies of plant growth. In fact, the flexibility inherent in the MLR plant growth incubators from Panasonic also makes them ideally suited for the incubation and rearing of insects and for food testing. Plant growth incubators and a whole lot more then.

Date added: 2015-05-25 12:03:19