ph Meters From Sartorius

The new Sartorius Docu- pH Meters and DocuClip are the latest in pH testing technology. With these new products, Sartorius has introduced new solutions for pH testing and documentation of pH data.

Fully compliant with GLP or ISO standards for compatibility with existing laboratory technologies, these two new pH testing products offer advanced functionality and unique features you won't find anywhere else.

Sartorius has solved the problem of traceability and documentation of pH testing results; something which is all too often not as straightforward across the various pH testing equipment used in most laboratories and production processes.  Generally speaking, the sensor and the pH meters are two separate components in measurement systems which need to be used in concert to provide the pH measurements needed. This means that manufacturers of pH testing systems have had to ensure that every single component in the testing and measurement system is capable of producing GLP or ISO compliant procedure and result documentation on its own.

The calibration data and the results of the measurement taken by a pH testing device needs to be traceable to provide seamless integration between pH combination electrode and meter. Sartorius'  Docu- pH Meters and DocuClip offer a simple solution to the problem. The DocuClip is attached to the pH electrode and already knows the serial number and type designation of the electrode!

The Sartorius DocuClip can store as many as four complete sets of calibration data in rolling memory; as new calibration reports come in, older datasets are deleted to make way. When the DocuClip is connected to the meter, the electrode data from the DocuClip is immediately sent to the meter, making it available for data recording and measurement evaluation. DocuClip also receives updated calibration data where it is written to memory and associated with the attached electrode.

It's a solution which is elegant in its simplicity; Sartorius has made seamless traceability of pH measurement data between sensor and pH meters a reality. The DocuClip comes permanently attached to a pre-initialized and pre-calibrated electrode, allowing it to be used immediately. The DocuClip is also available without this pre-formatting to permit it to be user-initialized and permanently attached to the electrode of the user's choice.

Of course, Sartorius pH meters are more than capable of standing on their own with all of the accuracy and reliability along with the latest technologies you'd expect from the company. Together or on their own, the Sartorius Docu-Clip and Docu-pHMeter are winning GLP and ISO compliant pH measurement solutions.

Date added: 2015-05-25 10:51:20