Allegro Peristaltic Pumps with Remote Pump Head

The new Allegro Peristaltic Pump System ia a maintenance free system and offers continuous flow pumping of  all kinds of liquids for use in R&D, life sciences, industrial applications, and gas a liquid circulation and areas of food and drink production.

These peristaltic pumps feature a a remote pump head, which is separate from the controller and this allows considerable flexibility in the laboratory, especially for operation in fume hoods and other difficult to access locations.

It also has a clear, large LCD display offering an intuitive touch screen functions and this display shows actual flow rates. It even features an automatic tubing break-in program, eliminating calculations and ensuring good and consistent results every time.

Changing tubing could not be simpler - simply insert the tubing into the pump head and rotate a lever to lock in position.

Clearly displays flow rate and total dispensed volume rather than RPM
Remote pump head can be up to 1.5m from controller.


  • User configurable multi-step operation
  • Dispenses in forward or reverse direction
  • Precise, accurate and reproducible flow contro
  • Selectable tubing table
  • Automatic calibration procedures
  • Automatic tubing break-in
  • External connectivity with USB interface and I/O port
  • Easy to maintain


The new Allegro Peristaltic Pumps are available with one or two single channel pump heads, or a single two channel pump head.

Date added: 2013-12-06 08:55:13