Particle sizer performance boosted by AutoSampler

The ANALYSETTE 22 range of laser particle sizers from FRITSCH is already well established as a popular and reliable series of measurement instruments. Utilising static laser scattering technology, the ANALYSETTE 22 delivers highly precise and reproducible particle measurements.

Combining this precision with short analysis times and extreme ease of use has resulted in a cutting edge product that has found applications in a variety of environments, from research and development to production and quality control.

To boost the ANALYSETTE 22’s performance even further, the new FRITSCH AutoSampler adds a degree of process automation that can further enhance your laboratory’s efficiency and productivity.

By adding the AutoSampler to your ANALYSETTE 22 set up, it’s possible to automate a continuous run of sizing analysis procedures, with up to twenty-six individual 40 ml sample containers. The intelligent AutoSampler unit will handle automatic sample feeding, dispersion, particle measurement, and even container cleaning by means of a programmable rinsing function.

FRITSCH’s AutoSampler is compatible with both models of the ANALYSETTE 22 laser particle sizer: the all-round MicroTec plus version (which boasts an impressive measuring range of 0.08 to 2000 nanometres), and FRITSCH’s high end NanoTec plus model, which uses a three laser system to measure particle sizes down to an impressive 0.01 nanometres.

With the addition of an AutoSampler, these already impressive instruments can deliver new efficiencies for your laboratory.

Date added: 2015-05-25 13:21:08