Particle Size Measurement with the SediGraph III 5120 From Micromeritics

Micrometrics SediGraph III 5120 is a particle size measurement solution which uses the sedimentation method to produce accurate, reproducible results by measuring the settling rates of particles of different sizes in a liquid medium whose properties are known.

This is the elegantly simple system which the Micromeritics SediGraph used to produce reliably accurate data on the size of particles in a sample. This automated particle size system streamlines the task to allow for more accurate results in less time.

Features include:

  • Quick analysis – results in 15 minutes or less in most cases
  • Fully automatable operation for higher throughput and less error
  • Silent, easy to maintain pump system
  • Measurement of particle size from 300 to 0.10 µm equivalent spherical diameter
  • Mixing chamber temperature control is computer controlled to ensure repeatable, reproducible results 
  • Multiple analysis speeds available to optimize balance of speed and resolution
  • Two SediGraph III units can be controlled by a single computer and run simultaneously
  • Real time display
  • Flexible, interactive reporting system to produce a variety of custom data presentations, including cut and paste tables and graphics, dynamic plot reformatting and more
  • Grain size can be reported in Phi units and the velocity of particle settling (the SediGraph is the only instrument available which directly measures settling velocity) is reported as tabular data and a wide variety of different graphical data 
  • Top to bottom sedimentation cell scanning for accurate particle size measurement and inventory of fast settling particles and reduction of time necessary to resolve fine particle separation 
  • Regression analyses and SPC reporting 
  • Maintenance reminder alerts operator when routine maintenance is due


When used with the MasterTech 052 Autosampler, the SediGraph can run as many as 18 samples without operator intervention while taking up no additional bench space

The SediGraph particle size analyser provides complete particle accountability, with the entirety of the introduced sample being accounted for, even fractions smaller than 0.1 µm. Data obtained through the SediGraph’s analyses can be merged with data from other methods of particle size measurement enabling reported data ranges of up to 125,000 µm (125 mm) – ideal for geological sample measurement.

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Date added: 2015-05-25 13:00:06