Multichannel Pipette Range From Anachem

Anachem is a leading supplier of products for scientific and medical research. Their offerings include a comprehensive range of multichannel pipette products from leading manufacturers including Rainin, as well as Anachem's own brand. Anachem produces or distributes far too many pipettes to list them all here - the following is only a sample of the company's pipette products.

Rainin Multichannel 8 & 12 Channel LTS Pipettes

Designed for high volume microwell plate applications, the Rainin 8 & 12 channel pipettes cover volumes from .5uL to 1200uL. These pipettes eliminate inconsistencies between samples and users and dramatically reduce or eliminate repetitive strain injuries altogether.

Features include:

  • Pipetting forces which are nearly undetectable
  • Litetouch technology providing a 95% reduction in tip loading and ejection forces
  • Lightweight, ergonomic
  • The easiest tip loading for any multichannel pipette


These multichannel pipettes are also available as Electronic versions with the following additional features:

  • Microcomputer control and stepper motor technology for precise, operator independent piston movement
  • Self-calibrating multichannel pipette resets to zero following each dispensing sequence
  • Automatic Linear Correction (ALC)
  • Long lasting, quick recharging Li-ion batteries for 3,000 pipetting cycles on a single charge
  • Full numeric keyboard for easy, instant volume setting with up to 12 programmable volumes


Anachem 16 Channel Pipette

Anachem's own micro variable volume 16 channel pipette is designed for 384 well plates and has a capacity of .2uL to 2uL. An integrated fixed 2uL knob and variable volume knob provide versatile volume control. Ejection has never been easier thanks to the advanced tip holder design of these models.

Ideal for assay development applications and pilot experiments involving 384 well plates, the Anachem model eliminates the need for robotic liquid handling systems. With a level of accuracy and precision matching that of single channel pipettes and an ergonomic design, Anachem's 16 channel pipettes offer efficiency, comfort and precision -  everything users need for 384 well applications.

Features include:

  • Rotating tip ejector and finger hook for comfortable use with either hand
  • Fixed or variable pipetting functionality with fixed volume adaptors to prevent accidental adjustment while pipette is in use; variable volume adaptors offer .5-1uL incremental adjustment
  • Autoclavable
  • Efficient o-ring tip seal eliminates air leaks and provides a secure seal
  • Easy to maintain, durable construction for a multichannel pipette which is built to last


Anachem also provide a number of other products on this website including Pipette Tips, PCR Plates, PCR Reagents, Liquid Handling System and Laboratory Microtubes

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