A Motorised Specimen Stage for Every Use

A motorised microscope stage is an invaluable addition to any optical microscope, whether it’s a high-end analytical microscope or a ‘workhorse’ teaching microscope.

The speed, search accuracy and retrieval reliability they bring to microscope work is as useful in a field study centre as it is in an oncology laboratory.

Recognising the enhanced functionality that a motorised stage can bring to any range of microscopes, Prior Scientific – a leading designer and manufacturer of microscope equipment for over a century – have collaborated with Meiji Techno Microscopes to supply motorised stages for Meiji’s range of optical microscopes. 

Prior produce two ranges of motorised stages, the Optiscan and the Proscan, designed to meet the needs of a great variety of microscope users.

The Proscan is particularly suited to research microscopy and the selection of encoders, ball screw pitch and motors make it the flexible choice for a variety of high-end roles.

The Optiscan system has been adapted for the Meiji range because it is designed to be a one-stop solution for economic microscope automation. With the full co-operation of Meiji designers, the Optiscan system has been configured to operate with Meiji’s range of inverted and upright microscopes.

This now brings motorised stage control within the budget of many organisations that require a certain degree of ruggedness along with their microscopy.

The Meiji microscope range, complimented with Prior scientific motorised control, is now ideal for a range of applications including slide scanning and Petri dish examination, as well as even more sophisticated techniques like stereology; a lot of microscope at a very affordable price.

Date added: 2012-12-12 16:40:36