Microwave Extraction - the Next Generation

Extraction processes are a key component of chemistry that dates back to the ancient Mesopotamians. Modern methods have utilised Soxhlet procedures that require large quantities of solvents or pressurised systems that only permit 3 samples per hour to be processed. It is not surprising then that the development of closed-vessel microwave extraction very much represents a new era of extraction methodology. 

Microwave Extraction is now recognised by professional organisations and government agencies as the official method for a number important procedures such as the extraction of PCBs and PAHs from soil, the determination of phthalates and in consumer testing of children’s products.

The advantages of closed-vessel microwave extraction are manyfold. Extraction times are decreased while extraction efficiency is improved and this accompanied by significant reductions in solvent use compared with previous approaches.

This is possible because microwave technology allows heat to be added rapidly to the sample in the solvent and in the case of non-polar solvents, CEM produce the Carboflow stir bar that permits extraction using your current solvent schemes.

CEM, major innovators in microwave technology, are actually the only manufacturer licensed by the Canadian government, who own the technology for the microwave-assisted process (MAP) for extraction. CEM have implemented this technology magnificently in their MARS 6 Microwave Reaction System.

It allows up to 40 samples to be processed at the same time with accurate temperature and pressure control of each sample. It is also very easy to use thanks to CEM’s One Touch technology that automatically recognises the number and type of vessel you are using and determines the parameters you require for your extraction process. The result is a 90% reduction in solvent use; 500 extractions carried out using the same volume of solvent as 32 Soxhlet extractions with significant timesaving as well.

The built-in applications library contains US EPA as well as other internationally recognised methods and thanks to CEM’s proprietary PowerMAX control the MARS 6 will ensure that samples always receive the optimum amount of energy for reactant heating. CEM also offer a range of vessels for extraction in the MARSXpress and MARSXpress Plus lines making it easy to find the best configuration whatever your application. 

Date added: 2015-05-21 16:29:35