Microwave Digestion - the Complete Solution

The goal of any acid digestion procedure is to achieve total dissolution of all the elements in a sample e.g. metals, rocks, soil, plant, food, pharmaceuticals and plastics, with the complete removal of any solid matrix whilst avoiding loss of any analytes. Ideally this should be in as short a time as possible and, of course, be as safe as possible for the operator. With increased environmental awareness and rising disposal costs waste should also be kept to a minimum.

The microwave digestion step is only preparative – the elemental determination still has to be made and this can be by any one of a number of techniques, including atomic emission measurement and atomic absorption and inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry. It is therefore advantageous if the digestion process can be as straightforward as possible.

Given this list of requirements it is not surprising that microwave-assisted digestion is now proving to be the approach of choice for so many chemists. Essentially this is a form of acid digestion that can take place in either open or pressurised vessels, but is characterised by rapid sample heating thanks to the aborpstion of microwave radiation.

This results in rapid digestions and hence increased productivity utilising smaller amounts of concentrated acids. With appropriate systems several digestions can take place simultaneously, with samples still individually monitored, further increasing productivity.

CEM, as leading innovators in the application of microwave technology to laboratory science have long been at the forefront of microwave digestion equipment. Their MARS 6 Microwave Reaction System is the best selling system in the world. It is available with a wide range of vessels and liners (quartz, glass TFM and PFA,) to provide the exact combination required for your preparation needs. The MARS6 is user friendly and safe and their One Touch Technology does exactly what the name implies.

CEM also have a system designed to specifically address the requirements of pressurised microwave digestion. The Discover SP-D microwave digester has sophisticated sample programming, with temperature and pressure control for every individual sample. This is packaged in a groundbreaking design with snap-on vessel caps and automation options.

The CEM STAR microwave digester provides the advantages of microwave digestion but in an open system particularly suited to larger samples. This is the only such system that features a patented feedback control with the facility to process samples using separate programmable methods.

So whether you are a scientist working with pharmaceuticals, chemicals or oils or in the food and agricultural industries, if you need to carry out microwave digestion, then CEM will have a system to match your requirements. 

Date added: 2013-10-20 19:17:26