Microplate Shaker From Porvair Sciences

Porvair Sciences, Ltd., a subsidiary of Porvair plc., was established in 1992 as a recognized industry supplier of microplate technology for many scientific disciplines.  Their new MicroShake orbital microplate shaker is specifically designed for the acceleration of sample preparation when using the P3 protein precipitation Microplates.

Protein precipitation throughout the test sample should be uniform, and the MicroShake orbital shaker cannot only accomplish this vital function, but also can prevent sloshing or spilling of the sample and reagents.  Thorough mixing is achieved in a matter of seconds, around 30 seconds for a standard protein precipitation, and mixing of the serum and reagent is assured every time.

The MicroShake has a specific holder for the company's P3 microplates, but standard microplates can be used with the unit.  The 15-volt power supply minimizes power consumption, and the unit has a speed control for different mixing speeds.

Pre-preparation is virtually eliminated with Porvair's P3 microplates and this versatile mixer.  Centrifugation and vortexing are the thing of the past, as other microplate mixers require.  The 96-well microplates are useful for multiple samples, and their standard depth can be used in many plate readers. 

Protein purification, drug development, recombinant DNA testing, and even environmental testing can be achieved using the MicroShake orbital microplate shaker from Porvair Sciences, Ltd.

Date added: 2015-05-25 13:14:19