Mercury Spills Are Gone With The QuikVac

Mercury is without doubt, a material which can be hazardous to your health and the environment. In every arena in which mercury comes into play, there are regulatory conditions which must be met for the prevention of human exposure, as well as to manage any mercury spills that may take place.

The hazards of mercury are well known when used in close proximity to people. Being ready for anything is certainly in our best interests.

No matter how careful we may be in the lab, spills can and often do happen. Being prepared to manage those spills and attend to the safety of the humans in the area is imperative.

One of the best methods to manage mercury spills will be by the use of a Micromeritics' Mercury QuikVac. These are very small and very lightweight cleanup devices which are perfect for use inside a laboratory.

The Micromeritics' Mercurty QuikVac is both cost-effective, as well as being very adept at rapid containment of a mercury spill. It was designed for use in the rapid collection of the most elusive of droplets, as well as gathering the smaller particulate materials contaminated with the mercury.

Once the QuikVac has contained the spill it is gathered into a recovery storage area in the quikvac, which is fitted out with a disposable filter of activated carbon to assure that the air emitted from the QuikVac is safe for exhaustion.

Lightweight and easy to use, they offer a secure means to managing mercury spills inside a laboratory environment.

Date added: 2015-05-25 11:12:46