Merck Millipore Learning Center Resources At Your Fingertips

Lab water is just one of twenty one product and service portfolios offered by Merck Millipore in their learning center area.

Each section of the learning center provides specific information on a large range of products, as well as key application data and other tools.

Why not improve productivity and efficiency by using the resources at your fingertips, including:

Lab Water
Flow Cytometry
Lab Filtration
Membrane Resource Center
Process Development
Immunoassays & Multiplex Solutions    
Cell Culture    
Sterile Filtration    
Virus Safety
Drug Discovery
Stem Cell Research
Mobius Single-use Manufacturing
Stem Cell Biomanufacturing
Protein Sample Preparation

Each learning center shown above is designed to help you make important decisions regarding your research and bioproduction needs.

They are easy to navigate and offer a broad set of product and service tools - organized to improve your productivity and efficiency through optimized workflows.

To find out more just click on an item of interest above or see our main learning center page here.

Date added: 2014-04-08 10:07:16