Liquid Scintillation Counter and Luminometer From Lablogic

Lablogic's Triathler is a portable, compact liquid scintillation counter measurement solution which offers a quick luminescence and scintillation counting instrument which can be used anywhere. The Triathler is a single well instrument, but is also compatible with an optional Nal gamma counting well to expand its capabilities. The LabLogic Triathler features preset 3H, 14C, 32P, 33P, 35S modes and also provides reliable detection for many other radionuclides. This portable instrument offers versatility in or out of the lab.

The Triathler also features luminescence mode, which allows it to perform a full range of measurements which make the instrument well suited for genetic research, immunology and microbiology applications. Integrated software provides optional instrument control, advanced spectrum analysis capabilities and allows data to be exported to Excel format on a connected PC or to a printer.

Features of the LabLogic Triathler Liquid Scintillation Counter and Luminometer include:

  • Fast, accurate results to streamline workflow in the laboratory or on-site
  • Alpha/Beta separation capabilities
  • High sensitivity for flash and glow luminescence reagents
  • Single key operation for ease of use
  • Internal lead shield for low backgrounds
  • Instant DPM correction without external standards
  • Automatic injector option
  • Field case for portability; comes with or without rechargeable battery
  • Included software for advanced spectrum analysis and PC/printer interface and export
  • Compatible with a wide range of sample holders allows the LabLogic Triathler Luminometer and Liquid Scintillation Counter to be used most styles of vials and sample tubes


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