Lentiviral Particles With No Reagent Requirement

Delivering genetic information into host cells for integration with the cellular genome used to be a very risky business, often resulting in virulence genes.  Today, using genetically engineered lentiviruses as a tool, AMSBIO has developed the safest and most advanced method yet for delivering a transgene or shRNA.

Crucially, a viral promoter incorporated into the lentivirus controls expression without giving rise to virulence genes.  A number of other security modifications added to the lentivirus method have further ensured safety in the laboratory.

Gene delivery is highly reproducible and is easily controlled by the amount of lentivirus used.  Stable cell lines, capable of high level expression in the long term, can be generated simply and effectively.

Applications have included transduction of adherent and suspension cells, using standard protocols.  The lentivirus approach has been particularly welcome in the case of primary or drug-arrested cells which are difficult to transfect.  It also offers great scope in the field of transgenic animal production.

Organelle labelling by lentiviral particles has allowed advances in sub-cellular study and monitoring without the need for transfection reagents, antibodies or chemicals.

The many options available include inducible particles, for constitutive high gene expression or Tetracycline inducible expression in the presence of TetR, and ready-to-use lentivirus for human and mouse gene expression.

A third generation lentivector is used to prevent replication of the virion.  The particles are packaged in a culture medium, with 10% FBS, either serum-free or concentrated in PBS for in vivo studies.

Specific benefits include: a high true titer of 1 x 10e7 IFU/ml or more;  real-time monitoring of expression, after 48 to72 hours, via a co-expressed fluorescent signal;  and expression of genes natively or with a 6His-tag.

A wide range of lentiviral products is available to meet different needs.  As well as a variety of ready-to-use particles and kits, AMSBIO’s custom service offers to generate a high titer lentivirus expressing any chosen gene of interest or shRNA and to supply stable cell lines.

Date added: 2015-05-25 12:14:46