Laser Particle Size Analysis With The ANALYSETTE 22 MicroTec Plus

The Analysette 22 MicroTec Plus from Fritsch makes laser particle size analysis easier than ever before. This is a high quality compact laser instrument with one of a kind dual laser technology and an exceptional range of measurement from 0.08 to 2,000 µm.

The advanced design of the Analysette 22 includes an innovative fast switching modular measurement cell system. With the measurement cells integrated into easy to switch cartridges, it's easy to go from measuring dry materials to wet materials in no time whatsoever without the need for tools or extensive reconfiguration. The instrument's dispersion units for each cartridge can store the cartridges when not in use.

The Analysette 22 MicroTec plus is a laser particle sizing and analysis solution which offers more than simply two measuring ranges; both of these ranges may be combined to make a third range. With a wide measuring range and a incredible degree of flexibility as well as a resolution which includes up to 108 different measuring channels.

The Analysette includes a wet dispersion unit which features an integrated centrifugal pump which efficiently transports even heavier particles through the system at a high concentration. The unit also includes an intelligent liquid level sensor which can be configured for three different default level settings; and can use most organic solvents as suspension liquids.

With powerful features which simplify laser particle size analysis and sophisticated software which allows for exceptional reproducibility and full automation of even complex sequences of particle size measurements, the Analysette 22 MicroTec Plus is an instrument which can perform measurements of not only particle size but also meet dispersion requirements.

Quick and easy analysis and even easier calibration and operation along with flexibility, accuracy and reproducibility make this the instrument of choice for particle size measurement and analysis in virtually any application.

Date added: 2011-08-06 16:35:18