Laser Particle Size Analyser Delivers Versatility

For labs seeking accurate particle sizing solutions, Meritics has brought to the UK market the versatile LS range of laser diffraction particle size analysers from Beckman Coulter, a world leader in the manufacture of laboratory instruments designed to simplify and automate biomedical testing procedures in a wide variety of applications.

There are plenty of particle size analysis instruments on the market, but the LS series features several innovative and patented design features that truly set it apart from the crowd and at the forefront of size analysers currently available. Nowhere else will you find such an impressive combination of reliability, reproducibility and resolution.

Utilising Beckman Coulter’s innovative polarisation intensity differential scattering (PIDS) technology, LS series particle analysers are able to deliver unsurpassed accuracy right down to 0.017 microns. Depending on your precise laboratory needs, LS range products also offer various levels of automation, while the optional Autoprep sample preparation station enables the automated processing of up to 28 separate samples.

With the ability to perform particle sizing analysis on both dry powders and samples dispersed in a liquid, the LS range offers true versatility. The LS 13 320 MW (multi wavelength) and LS 13 320 SW (single wavelength) models are equally suited to research, quality control and manufacturing application, and combine ease of use with fast, reliable output of results.

Beckman Coulter’s LS series software also allows for the definition of standard operating procedures (SOPs) and standard operating methods (SOMs) that allow users to achieve uniformity and consistency even with multiple operators and applications — from set-up to the final printout of results. The software also allows the defined SOPs and SOMs to be emailed, allowing consistency and reproducibility even if your operation works out of multiple locations.

A true leader in the field of particle sizing, Beckman Coulter’s LS series laser diffraction particle size analysers offer accuracy and reliability in a class beyond their competitors, and are available now from Meritics.

Date added: 2012-08-09 17:59:16