Having it Large with Priorclave Autoclaves

Laboratory sterile-techniques are not restricted simply to instruments and glassware. Whatever your area of expertise and application: healthcare, pharmaceuticals, agriculture, food and drink or research, at some time you may well require larger items to be sterilised.

This is why Priorclave produce their RSC range of rectangular sectioned, large volume, steam sterilising chambers, with interior volumes up to 700 litres. Also eminently suitable for laboratories with high-volume throughput, these robust, microprocessor-controlled autoclaves actually occupy a surprisingly small amount of floor space. They come with a choice of steam generation, electrical or direct steam heating, and if you require continuous operation an in-house steam generator can be fitted.

The RSC control system easily guides operators through the simple set-up programs and enables laboratories to optimise performance in line with their own particular operational requirements. The patented large hand-wheel door closure system helps ensure operator safety and the lower hand-wheel has a pressure and thermal lock system to prevent accidental steam discharge.

Other optional extras available include water-cooled jackets, pre-cycle vacuum stages to increases media steam penetration and post-cycle drying.  

Of course one of the largest items in the laboratory that must be kept pristine and bacteria free is the autoclave itself. Priorclave has addressed this apparent paradox by the inclusion of Biomaster Protection in the RSC range’s exterior epoxy coating.

This coating is highly effective against MRSA, Pseudomonas, E.coli, Legionella, Listeria, Salmonella and Campylobacter (plus over fifty other species!) reducing bacterial growth by up to 99.99%.

If your needs don’t quite run to the largest machines, don’t worry 230, 285, 350, 450 litre options are also available. And like all Priorclave autoclaves, from the smallest capacity bench-top models, to the very largest pass-through and power-door models, you are assured of the quality and care that you would expect from a leading, truly global, brand. 

Date added: 2013-07-29 10:06:08