Laboratory Weighing Under Controlled Environment

Is there anything worse to see in a laboratory than a filthy weighing station? No, surely not?!

Yes, there is actually. A really clean laboratory weighing station - sitting pristine on a very tidy bench - where you know they are regular weighing out the ‘wrong' chemicals!

A clean balance and bench can project a completely false sense of security and incorrect impression of laboratory practice excellence if you know that what's hitting the scales really demands special precautions. And that is so much of what we use today.

Weighing in a fume hood ain't easy, I fully sympathise. Freeze dried compounds, for example, are not designed to be moved about in the Force 8 gale produced by many fume cupboards - and don't even bother about precision!

It is gratifying therefore to see that erlab (the fume hood and ductless storage cabinet people) have put their thinking caps on to come up with the Captair®flex range of secure weighing stations. Not only can you weigh out dangerous toxic chemicals (liquids and powders) with complete confidence, but you can also measure them with a precision up to 10-6 g. That means no more laboratory weighing operations carried out in a ridiculous fashion.

Instead you have a vibration absorbent work surface made of solid phenolic resin, with a built in drip tray that is easy to clean, prevents static charges and guarantees reproducible results. You have bright, energy efficient lighting - exactly where you need it.

You have an optional waste port with a double-bag mounting system that helps ensure hazardous waste is removed safely and efficiently. And above all you have the modular filtering technology and expertise that erlab have developed for their fume-hoods and storage systems. This enables you to target exactly the types of compounds you will be weighing out: organic vapours, aldehydes, acids, ammonia plus of course the full range of powders. 

And the Captair®flex range of secure weighing stations comes in four different sizes to fit every available bench space, and, of course, being ductless means that they can be relocated as and when you require it. Plus it is remarkably easy to add Benchcap. This is erlab's workbench, equipped with 4 vibration-absorbent jacks, that can turn your laboratory secure weighing station into a fully-functional work station. 

There really is no excuse now to not be safe and precise.

Date added: 2015-05-25 11:56:04