Precision Laboratory Sieving from FRITSCH

If, like me, you simply don’t have time for endless shopping around to find instruments that match the needs of your application, it’s always a relief to find a respected manufacturer with a range that makes the choice simple.

Such is the case with FRITSCH and its range of three precision laboratory sieving products which cover all typical laboratory tasks. That includes wet, dry and micro-precision sieving, quantitative particle size distribution analysis, in solids and suspensions, and separating/fractioning.

For rapid assessment of particle size distribution, the ANALYSETTE 3 PRO vibratory sieve shaker, with automatic amplitude control, may be your first choice. Regulated vertical oscillations of the sieve stack, driven electromagnetically, help this shaking sieve system to handle quantities as large as 2 kg, or as small as 0.05 g, and particle sizes anywhere between 5 μm and 63 mm.

For simple tasks, the ANALYSETTE 3 SPARTAN may be all you need. In some ways a smaller and simpler version of the ANALYSETTE 3 PRO, this vibratory sieve shaker allows optical adjustment of amplitude during sieving. Like the PRO 3, it features EASYTWIST: a very practical solution from FRITSCH for tensioning the stack system.

To sieve large quantities effectively you will need the ANALYSETTE 18. This heavy duty analytical sieve shaker, with a three-dimensional sieving action, is especially robust, fast and powerful. It will deal with particle sizes from 20 μm to 125 mm and provide effortless sieving of samples up to 15 kg with no need for manual re-sieving. Its advanced features, including automatic amplitude control, ensure that results are highly reproducible.

All three precision laboratory sieving instruments benefit from FRITSCH evaluation software and can be supplied with a variety of fully compatible accessories. They are also – typically of FRISCH – user-friendly, reliable and durable.

Date added: 2015-05-25 12:16:12