Laboratory Scales - The Signum Supreme From Sartorius

Sartorius' Signum Supreme laboratory scales are among the most sophisticated scales available today; with overload protection, durable chemically resistant stainless steel construction and of course, all of the accuracy you've come to expect from Sartorius scales.

A compact industrial scale, the Signum Supreme is designed from the ground up for the needs of the food production, chemical, cosmetics and pharmaceutical industries. With the durability and high resolution offered by the Signum Supreme's monolithic weigh cell, this is a scale which is ideal for both simple weighing tasks and more advanced use.

With a rich feature set and unparalleled accuracy, the Signum Supreme raises the bar for laboratory scales. There are three different application levels, a wide range of resolutions to choose from and a variety of options and interfaces to choose from. These are the scales which will become the industry standard in the chemical, pharmaceutical industries and across many other manufacturing and research sectors.

Signum Supreme scales are easy to set up and implement; the control and display unit can be wall mounted, mounted on a column or simply situated next to the weighing platform. With integrated PLC and Ethernet connectivity, the laboratory scales are made with modern facilities in mind – your data can quickly be incorporated into your network. If your business or institution relies on high accuracy and seamless data integration, Signum Supreme scales are the industrial laboratory scales you've been looking for.

Some of the features included in Signum Supreme scales include:

  • Smooth, easy to clean surfaces
  • IP65 wash down protection
  • Overload protection up to 660 lbs
  • "Speedup" technology
  • Product memory for as many as 300 different products
  • Optional Ethernet, analogue, Profibus-DP and PLC, among other connectivity interfaces

Signum Supreme scales offer even more features, including the ability to use a secondary weighing platform with an optional analogue to digital converter. This allows users to incorporate a secondary scale for use as a reference or a scale for bulk weighing.

Regardless of whether you need laboratory scales which will require regular washed downs, industrial scales which are an integral part of your production process or a versatile weighing solution which will be regularly moved around throughout your facility for different applications, Signum Supreme scales are a reliable and accurate choice. These laboratory scales are the measurement tools against which all others are measured.

Date added: 2015-05-25 12:59:08