Laboratory Pumping From Labhut

Syringe pumps are driven by a very precise motor and changing the syringe allows a wide range of flow rates to be achieved by using the same pump.

They are small pumps and are used for infusion, infusion & withdrawal and continuous flow applications including injection of calibrant into mass spectrometers, infusion into reaction chambers, electrospinning, general infusion and drug delivery in experimental applications.

Different types of syringe pumps available are:

Infusion Only Pumps

The simplest type of syringe pump is an infusion only pump. That  means that the syringe plunger is pushed forward by the motor to deliver the liquid.

Infusion/Withdrawal Pumps

These types of pumps generally perform exactly the same function as an infusion pump, but at the end of the run, the motor reverses and the syringe plunger moves in the opposite direction causing the syringe to fill again.

Push/Pull & Continuous Flow Pumps

Sigma Push/Pull PumpPush/Pull pumps are a variation of the infusion withdrawal pump, except that the syringes are opposing each other

High Pressure Pumps

Because syringe pumps are controlled by a rotating screw thread driven by a motor, they will deliver a fixed amount of linear force.

Low Flow Rate Pumps

The precision with which a syringe pump will deliver an amount of liquid is dependent on a number of factors. The forward movement of a syringe plunger is dependent Sigma1800 Nano Pumpon a screw thread being turned by a motor.

All Cronus pumps, available from Labhut are manufactured using top quality components and are designed to last. Smooth, quiet operation
with enhanced reliability, stall detection, accuracy, enhanced reliability and ultimate precision.

These pumps consist of both basic and more advanced options, but the main thing is to make sure that you select the right pump for your application. If you need assistance, the Labhut team are available on the phone, via email or live chat to help you to decide which pump is best for your requirements and application.

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