Laboratory Jaw Crusher - Fritsch Pulverisette 1 Compact

Fritsch's Pulverisette 1 laboratory jaw crusher is the perfect choice for laboratories which need a compact, reliable and durable jaw crusher which can handle the crushing of hard or very hard brittle materials quickly. This crusher can handle ferrous alloys and other tough materials with ease, making it suitable for use in applications involving glass, ceramics, minerals, metals, soil samples and a wide variety of other materials.

The Pulverisette 1 uses one fixed jaw and one movable jaw, both of which are enclosed in a grinding chamber to reduce dust and eliminate safety hazards posed by potentially toxic or irritating samples. The crusher's ten stage adjustable gap width may be set for the desired fineness from the outside before or during operation, with the ground material falling into a drawer or chute for collection in continuous operations. The ground sample may also feed directly into a Fritsch Pulverisette 13 disk mill for even finer grinding.

Features of the Fritsch Pulverisette 1 Jaw Crusher include:

  • Rapid, uniform crushing of samples to finenesses of one to fifteen millimeters
  • Maximum feed size 95 millimeters
  • Jaws and lateral supports are available in a variety of steel materials, zirconium oxide or tungsten carbide for iron-free crushing and RoHS samples
  • Crushing jaws are easily removed or replaced
  • Easy adjustment of jaw kinematics for desired fineness
  • Quick, easy cleaning and dust free operation
  • Can be combined with the Fritsch Pulverisette 13 disk mill in a single rack for continuous grinding of sample materials from 95 millimeters to 100  micrometers in a single operation

Date added: 2015-05-25 11:08:36