Scientific Balance Offers 29 Models

The Sartorius CP laboratory balance series has brought it many fans among professionals who rely on accurate measurements in their routine laboratory or manufacturing procedures. As users in the pharmaceutical, chemical, cosmetics and food industries among others have come to expect from Sartorius, the CP series has once again raised the standards for the entire industry in reliable, accurate measurements, the latest technologies and the features professionals need.

With 29 models making up the CP series, Sartorius offers weight measurement solutions ranging from 34kg capacity, heavy duty models to laboratory microbalances with the sensitivity to make the smallest of measurements. Every Sartorius CP scientific balance achieves accurate readings with the proprietary Sartorius monolithic weigh cell.

Sartorius CP balances are versatile and highly adjustable, with one-touch automatic motorized calibration. The Cal key controls the built in calibration weight for nearly effortless adjustment and calibration. The Isocal feature built into every CP balance can automatically make internal adjustments for ambient temperature, time or other user-defined values to ensure the highest accuracy time after time. Regular, automated calibration is just one of the features which make the Sartorius CP line of balances the best measurement tools on the market.

Durability is also part and parcel of the Sartorius CP scientific balance line. Each is made with durable, high quality construction from the frame to the control keys; these keys see a lot of wear and tear and the Sartorius CP line of balances are built to last. Even after years of use, the control keys will keep performing just as well as they did on day one. The control keys offer more than durability; positive click action notifies users that a given function has been successfully activated.

The display is another strong suit of Sartorius scientific balance range; a backlit high contrast display makes for an easy to read display in any lighting conditions (note: the microbalances and semi-microbalances do not feature backlit displays). The draft shield on the analytical and micro laboratory balances are made to maximize usability and results. The shield provides great draft protection and doors which open smoothly to give easy access to the weighing chamber.

Since the CP series of lab balance products also connects easily to a computer or Sartorius data printer, the documentation your quality management system calls for can be easily generated; as usual, Sartorius seems to have thought of everything.

Date added: 2015-05-27 14:16:24