Laboratory Ball Mills - The New Standard for Laboratories From Fritsch

The FRITSCH range of Planetary laboratory ball mills presents a new member in its classic line known for being the most effective of all the laboratory mills for expansive loss-free and ultra fine grinding that can reach below 1 µm of hard or soft materials. This includes materials that are dry or in some form of suspension. Along with comminution, these items can be employed for mixing and/or homogenizing emulsions as well as pastes. They can also be used for mechanical alloying and the activation process common with materials research.

The common benefits associated with the FRITSCH Planetary ball mill classic line include the following:

  • Fast grinding that can reach ranges of below 1 µm
  • The rpm's can rev upwards of 800
  • The bowls can be effectively affixed with the tested Safe-Lock-System
  • Handling and ease of cleaning can be performed ergonomically
  • Grinding bowls and balls are available in 8 different materials designed to meet a variety of needs while effectively avoiding contaminations through common abrasions. This opens the door for maximum protection against the unexpected and unwanted contamination of the available samples
  • The reproducibility will forever be consistent.
  • The service life of the item can be considered long lasting and this is true even under continuous usage of a heavy nature.


The product is ideal for:

Comminution of samples with along with a maximum feed particle size upwards of 10 mm and along with a common quantity of sample around 0.5 - 900 ml down to the final fineness that is below 1 µm dry or found in the suspension within the field of: Ceramics, Chemistry, Biology, Geology and Mineralogy, Pharmaceutical Sciences, Material Technology, Metallurgy, along with sample preparations for top analysis.

And for those that may not be currently aware of it...

The FRITSCH Planetary Mills classic line is available in a variety of different configurations and each application is intended to deliver the absolutely perfect laboratory grinding Mill!

Those that may be sceptical of this can always try out the FRITSCH Planetary Mills for a test.

You have the option of sending to our labs the most difficult sample that you possess. Once we receive it, a free grinding will be employed and then you can compare the results yourself.

Date added: 2015-05-25 11:04:23