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How Merck Millipore water systems let work flow in the laboratory - Millipore’s Milli-Q Integral is a “2-in-1” laboratory water purification system that puts pressurized pure and ultrapure water – produced from tap – at users’ fingertips

For laboratories that do not have a reliable source of pure water, Merck Millipore offers compact water systems producing pure and ultrapure water directly from tap water. This concept offers several benefits:

  • It allows installation of a complete water system in minimum amount of space in any lab with tap water feed
  • It eliminates the need for central water purification systems and the associated water delivery loops which may be complex, expensive, difficult to maintain and to extend
  • It gives the users of the water system complete control over all water purification steps and the final water quality.

Milli-Q Integral System

For ultrapure (Type 1) water needs up to 200 L/day and pure (Type 2) water needs up to 350 L/day.

The right water quality for all lab activities. The Milli-Q Integral system includes a comprehensive and optimized sequence of water purification and monitoring technologies in a single unit, allowing both pure and ultrapure water to be produced directly from tap.

It provides pressurized, bacteria-free water through EPOD™ (Elix-Point-of-Delivery) units and MilliQ ultrapure water through QPOD® (Quality-Point-of-Delivery) units.

Water can be delivered from the system’s exclusive production unit to as many as 3 independent PODs that can be conveniently located at different places in the laboratory. Each POD incorporates a color backlit screen enabling the user to check the operation of the entire system and the water quality at a glance.

The ergonomic design of the PODs accounts for the height and shape of regular laboratory glassware to ensure optimum user convenience.

Water can be delivered at different flow rates from the mobile dispenser located at the end of an 80 cm recirculation loop. The user can also select a specific water volume and have the QPOD/E-POD unit automatically fill any laboratory vessel from a 100 mL Erlenmeyer flask to a 5 L calibrated flask or 20 L carboy.

To ensure easy adaptation to various laboratory applications, validated POD Packs polishers are available to remove contaminants that can impact specific applications (such as pyrogens, nucleases, bacteria, particulates, organics, etc.) just before water leaves the system. Configurations can easily evolve to match lab activity changes or extensions.


  • Pure and ultrapure water is available directly from tap water (no need to have a DI source in the lab) from 60 L/day up to 350 L/day (depending on model)
  • Consistent production of superior quality pure water (better than twice the quality of distilled water) without the need to regenerate a DI tank, thanks to patented Elix technology
  • Easy pure or ultrapure water delivery in different lab locations thanks to the PODs
  • Easy and intuitive operation
  • Application-specific water qualities through customized final polishers
  • Built-in resistivity and TOC monitors designed to comply with the most demanding norms, including USP requirements (§ 643 and § 645).
  • System manager-specific interface with protection of key set points by a login and password.



When the system is equipped with a 0.2 μm filter, the high laboratory pure water delivered by the system is suitable for HPLC, LC-MS, MALDI-ToF-MS, IC, ICP, AA and most of the analytical techniques commonly used in the laboratory. When an ultrafiltration cartridge (BioPak) is utilized at the point-of-use, the water is suitable for genomics applications (quality at least equivalent to DEPC-treated water) and cell culture. The water produced following the system’s pretreatment step may be used for basic laboratory needs, such as buffer and reagent preparation, microbiology media preparation, histology, dissolution testing (with UV detection) and rinsing of glassware.
Merck Millipore is the brand of choice for ultrapure water in the life sciences laboratory; and the Milli-Q Integral water purification system is an ideal lab scale pure and ultrapure water delivery solution.  The Milli-Q Integral system offers the reliability and quality that Merck Millipore has become famous for and the flexibility to allow for changing demands and growth.

Potable tap water is purified through Merck Millipore's unique Elix electrodeionization technology which provides a continuous process of ion exchange resin regeneration driven by a small electrical current. Millipore's Elix technology features this one of a kind water purification technique to offer consistently pure water.

The modular design of the Milli-Q Integral water purification system allows for maximum flexibility. As many as three separate POD (point of delivery) units may be connected to a single Milli-Q Integral system for pressurized, bacteria free pure water (E-POD dispenses pure water) or ultrapure water (via the Q-POD) whenever and wherever it is needed. Milli-Q PODs are designed with the needs of laboratory personnel in mind, being designed to allow easy and comfortable dispensing into common laboratory glassware.

These PODs can be customized with a variety of application specific additional purifiers to offer the perfect purified water needed for virtually any task; there are POD polishers which are designed to remove nucleases, bacteria, pyrogens, organics, particulates and other materials which may have an undesirable effect on specific applications.

Flow rates and dispensing volumes are easily user-controlled; operators can select water volumes and flow rates appropriate for a 100 ml Erlenmeyer flask, a 20 liter carboy and anything in between.

Other features of Merck Millipore Milli-Q Integral water purification systems include:

  • Water suitable for use in HPLC, LC-MS, IC, ICP, MALDI-ToF-MS,AA and a wide range of other analytical applications
  • Compliant with Type II water specifications as per ISO 3696 (TOC, bacteria levels and resistivity)
  • Optional point of use BioPak ultra filtration cartridge produces DEPC-equivalent water suitable for cell culture and genomics
  • No separate DI source needed; potable tap water can be purified to produce pure or ultrapure water (exact volume varies by model)
  • Compact design for a smaller footprint
  • Delivery of pure and ultrapure water to up to three POD locations within the laboratory with individually controlled flow rates of up to 2 liters/minute
  • Optional custom final polishers for application specific water purification
  • Integrated system, TOC and resistivity monitoring; each POD unit displays system status and water quality
  • Water treated by Elix electrodeionization is suitable for general laboratory use: glassware rinsing, histology, buffer, microbiology media and reagent preparation, dissolution testing, etc.
  • Can be installed on the benchtop , wall-mounted or installed underbench
  • Low operation and maintenance costs


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