Lab Informatics System With SAP Certification

An announcement has been made by Autoscribe that the Matrix Gemini 5.2 Laboratory Information Management System software, or LIMS, has achieved certification by SAP AG. The specific tests that have been completed by the SAP Labs India have shown that they Matrix Gemini can integrate into any company's current infrastructure of their IT department.  This allows them to combine the data transfer and information between one system and another. This lab informatics informatics component is now easier than ever to use and implement.

The certification by SAP came as a requirement from the customer specification document. If Autoscribe was unable to receive the integration certification they would not have been allowed to bid for this great opportunity. This requirement is in place for many of the larger organizations who wish to be recognized internationally, so achieving this certification is a very big part of gaining the business of these potential customers.

The Managing Director at Austoscribe, John Boother, was quoted as saying "SAP Certification is a significant factor; it will open up further opportunities for companies to adopt Matrix Gemini LIMS in their laboratories. Customers now have an additional assurance that Matrix Gemini LIMS will integrate with their SAP system providing a tried and tested communication path, allowing information to pass from one system to the other."

As a world leader in supplying and developing new edge configured solutions, Autoscribe has brought their experience and professionalism to the laboratory and business markets. By integrating their Matrix Gemini systems, they are supplying their customers with an original group of configuration tools that allow them to configure their systems further as they find the need to do so.

Autoscribe offer their customers a series of high quality systems for sample tracking, laboratory information management, stability testing, instrument calibration and maintenance, support management, customer complaints managements, resource planning, and training records management - and it is all possible because it is based on the Matrix Gemini software. 

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Date added: 2011-07-15 19:27:13