Lab Freeze Dryers From Cole-Parmer

The Cole-Parmer benchtop freeze dryers range includes models which feature capacities ranging from 1L to 6.5L; larger capacity models may be custom designed upon request. Models are available with refrigerator collectors which can provide cooling to temperatures as low as -50°C and even -84°C . These lower temperature models are designed for low eutectic temperature samples; models with Teflon coated collectors are also available which are suitable for working with corrosive materials.

While especially commonly used in pharmaceutical research and development, all Cole-Parmer systems are suitable for a full range of lyophilization applications in the laboratory. Cole-Parmer’s systems are capable of freeze drying animal specimens and microbial cultures, as well as concentrating and recovering the products of reaction for stabilization and further storage at room temperature. Other applications include freeze drying of fruits, vegetables and other products in food and beverage environments,  soil samples, snake venom and other animal-derived proteins and volatile compounds.

The range of products available from Cole-Parmer are composed of the following components:

Freeze Dryers: Available at temperatures of -54°C and -84°C and capacities of up to 6L (or 18L on request)

Vacuum Pumps: These pumps are essential pieces of equipment for any freeze drying system. A vacuum pump creates a low pressure environment around the sample, allowing water molecules to be easily removed from the material. Cole-Parmer freeze dryer vacuum pumps are available in standard and chemical resistant models for working with stronger solvents.

Manifolds: Manifolds are used for lyophilization applications which involve the parallel processing of pre-frozen samples in small volumes as well as samples which have high collapse and eutectic temperatures and should not be warmed during the drying process.

Drying Platforms: Cole-Parmer offers a range of drying platforms for different freeze drying applications. These platforms may hold or connect the sample containers bearing the material to be freeze dried and conduct solvent from sample to dryer.

Chamber Platforms: Cole-Parmer freeze dryer chamber platforms may be used as a flexible system for connecting 12 or 16 sample flasks, to hold sample shelves containing samples or bottles. These platforms are available with or without heaters to provide more rapid drying.

Stoppering Tray Dryer: Tray dryers are ideal for working with batch quantities of a single sample in smaller vessels or a larger single quantity of sample on shelves. Pre-freezing of samples may be done on the tray dryer’s shelf to streamline freeze drying applications; these trays also ensure uniform handling of all samples.

Sample Containers: Cole-Parmer offers flasks, vials, ampoules and serum bottles made from durable borosilicate glass.

Optional shell freezers are also available as a standalone unit or as an integrated component of a Cole-Parmer system.

Date added: 2015-05-25 11:00:10