Lab Bottles From DURANĀ®

A bottle is a bottle, right? We all know what a bottle is and what it does. We take it for granted. Let's face it, we do not spend much time thinking about this humble vessel. Fortunately the people at DURAN have been doing our thinking for us, which is why their range covers all your laboratory needs and uses.

Perhaps you are working with viscous materials or need to pour powders or granulated material? In this case you will find the DURAN GLS 80 lab bottles with their wide (80ml outer diameter) neck ideal. The special cap thread allows you to get the top off (and on) in less than one turn, which, alongside the wide opening, makes this bottle perfect for sampling hot media. It also comes in amber and with a plastic (scratch resistant) coating to protect light-sensitive contents. The quick-release cap does not, of course, sacrifice the quality seal and drip-free pouring is ensured - as you would expect from DURAN lab bottles.

If you are looking for vacuum or pressure resistance (-1 to 1.5 bar) then you need the DURAN laboratory bottle pressure plus. Designed for maximum safety during sampling at altered pressures and for the storage of gas generating media, the large blue labelling field and easy-to-read scale make it easy to spot on the shelf. These lab bottles come without a top, allowing you to choose from the extensive Duran range of caps and accessories for your specific use.

If space is an issue in your prep room (and isn't it always?) then consider DURAN's square bottle: ergonomic handling, DURAN reliability and usability with a cracking 44% space saving; and stackability to boot.

However, if you just need a ‘standard' laboratory bottle then the DURAN GL 45 is for you, with its easy to read white scale, large labelling field, pouring ring for drip-free safe handling, options to address light-sensitivity of contents and integral cap lip seal.

I mean a bottle is just a bottle, isn't it? Not when it comes from DURAN, it's not.

Date added: 2015-05-25 11:42:42