Lab Balance Cubis From Sartorius

The Sartorius' Cubis Premium lab balance range is a versatile, customizable measurement solution for research and production laboratories in a wide range of industries. With a modular design, the Cubis premium line of balances provides easy configuration and the flexibility to be adapted to a variety of purposes. With three different display and control units to choose from, Cubis is the balance of choice.

With automated one-touch motorized leveling, the Cubis Q-Level offers simple adjustment to make the balance perfectly suited for any application. This is a feature not included in the MSE model. Other features included in the Cubis lab balance series include an integrated one-touch ionizer to prevent interference from electrostatic charges on containers and samples, automatic error compensation when samples are placed off-center on the weighing pan and more.

Cubis balances offer resolution of up to 220g using a five-digit toploading semi-microbalance system and incredible accuracy. Measurements can be made with readabilities of .01 mg to .1 g on a finely graduated scale. All Cubis balances use the latest in Sartorius monolithic weigh cell technology to ensure an accurate readout you can rely on every time. With its configurability, accuracy and solid performance, the MSA is perfect for applications in the pharmaceutical industry.

When you choose a Cubis Premium lab balance, you're choosing a touch screen interface with a high-resolution TFT display in your choice of:

  • The MSU display and control unit, perfect for weighing procedures from elementary to complex.
  • The MSE unit with a user-friendly, menu-driven interface and high contrast LCD for easy viewing.
  • The Q-Guide interface for simple multi-user applications; several users can perform separate tasks around the lab simultaneously.

The Cubis Q-Com package adds printing and data transfer capabilities to the Cubis Premium lab balance, with three standard data interface ports, a USB port and an RS-232C port for Sartorius accessories, such as printers. The MSU and Q-Guide display and control units also include an Ethernet port to seamlessly integrate your lab balance into your facility's network. You can select one of these optional ports, allowing you to use as many as four interface points simultaneously.

If your facility uses more than one Cubis Premium balance, you can easily transfer data, task profiles and user profiles between the balances with an SD card. This permits quick and easy data transfer between your Cubis lab balance without the need to first connect either balance to a computer.

Date added: 2015-05-25 12:58:42