Inorganic Compounds For Any Material Girl Or Boy

Best Madonna song? Material Girl, without a shadow of doubt in my mind! When she still had wit, as well as rhythm, and some of whatever it was that Marilyn Monroe had in trumps.

And what’s more, she was right! It is a material world! Never has been more so. New products, new technologies, new industries – they all demand that Material science is at the core of so much of the modern world – and it is hard to keep pace with developments.

Whether it’s in ceramics or superconductors, the pace of change, in what might be loosely categorised as the chemistry of inorganic compounds, has probably never been faster. Of course this is a huge group of very varied chemicals, essentially anything that doesn’t contain a C-C double bond and is thus not likely to be of biological origin.

The ‘High Purity Inorganics catalogue’ from Alfa Aesar contains over 1,200 of these types of chemicals, all produced to the rigorous standards modern technology demands for production as well as research and development. This includes chlorides, chromates, hydrides, nitrites, oxides, sulphates, sulphides and sulfites and more!

The Puratronic line of base metal salts and solutions (as well as pure elements) is particularly prized in the pharmaceutical industries and every batch is backed by a certificate of analysis that is lot-specific (99.99% minimum purity).

And because these products are in continuous production it means that Alfa Aesar can match your requirements – whether it’s for a few grams or a few hundred grams. If moisture and air sensitivity is of concern Alfa Aesar produce ultra-dry, anhydrous salts, which are stored under argon and also available in larger quantities.

Alfa Aesar’s renowned REaction Rare Earth range is now established as the premier line for rare earth compounds and alloys, including chlorides, flourides, nitrates, oxides and the important trifluoromethanesulfonates. They have a custom option if there are specific rare earth synthesis requirements, or solutions and blends.

There is also a complete line of chemicals that are certified by the American Chemical Society, each meeting the rigorous requirements and specs set out in ‘Reagent Chemicals’ (10th Edition) Plus nanopowders and dispersions as well. So, 124 pages of catalogue, including everything any Material Girl, or Boy, might possibly require.

Date added: 2012-09-27 16:16:04