HPLC And IC Autosampler

Do you know any scientific martyrs? Most of us do. They are the ones that seem to relish the opportunity to disrupt their sleep, or ruin their weekends, by coming into the lab to change a solution or take a sample. If you are one of this (thankfully) diminishing band of laboratory workers who feel it is necessary to show their dedication to science by turning out at all hours to perform routine tasks, then please ignore the AutoQuest Liquid Chromatography Autosamplers.

If instead, you appreciate that some tasks can be better performed - with greater accuracy and reliability, eliminating human variation - by superbly designed and constructed precision equipment, then these HPLC autosamplers, brought to you by Cecil instruments, are the ones for you.

They are easy to use with stand-alone controls, or via a PC, and simple to fit and maintain. Built with the Cecil Adept HPLC, Q-Adept quaternary HPLC and IonQuest Ion Chromatography Systems in mind, they can of course also be used with other third party liquid chromatography equipment.

Whatever your ‘set up' you will benefit from the Autoquest's innovative sampler technology that uses the principle of headspace pressure - think wine bottles and corks - a dual concentric needle and an internal air pump to deliver superlative results for both your routine and research analytical work.

The Autoquest is available in 50 or 100 sample position versions with sample volumes variable between 2μl and 10ml. Both models feature the same attention to detail that ensures the accuracy and repeatability of your results: random access priority sampling, allowing last-minute solution addition; low carryover, preventing cross-contamination and maximising effective trace residue analysis plus, of course, ultrahigh injection precision.

Replicate vial injections can also increase the number of runs possible, which, combined with the ultralow-drift Cecil detectors, is excellent news for everyone contemplating stress-free overnight and weekends runs.

Alternatively if you would like your sampling performed badly, because you are tired or your mind is off playing football with the children, then pick up your martyrdom badge on the way out please.

For more information about this hplc autosampler, please visit the Cecil instruments website by clicking on the link from this page.

You can also see the Cecil HPLC analysis HPLC method and ion chromatography systems on labface.

Date added: 2011-08-06 10:36:05