The PULVERISETTE 9 Vibrating Cup Mill, now with Turbo-charging

Turbo-charged is a description taken from engine design that tends to get rather over used in common language, but there are few better ways to describe what Fritsch have done to their Vibrating Cup Mill PULVERISETTE 9. Their radical modifications have produced an upgraded quality instrument that is now faster, stronger and safer.

The Vibrating Cup Mill PULVERISETTE 9 is the perfect choice for all tasks that require brittle, hard and fibrous materials to be ground down to analytical fineness with maximum speed and efficiency.

This makes the Vibrating Cup Mill the ideal instrument for a wide range of applications including mining, geology and ore laboratories, metallurgy, ceramics, agriculture, environmental science, infrared and x-ray fluorescence analysis and spectroscopic preparation.

Fritsch have given their vibrating cup mill more power and a totally new drive concept. The motor now features an interference-resistant, torque-optimised frequency converter that ensures that the motor output is precisely matched to the grinding set and material being ground thus optimising energy consumption. This has not seen any reduction in the ease of usage, to the contrary. The PULVERISETTE 9 is now even easier to use.

The ergonomic design means that everything can be adjusted easily without back strain and total instrument weight is now reduced. The grinding sets are now lighter, and simply have to be placed on a guide rail that is then easily moved into position. There is now optimised tensioning of the grinding set via a ‘one-hand’ lever and there is also an anti-
rotation lock.

Operation is simple thanks to the easily understood multilingual LED menu that permits the setting of precise grinding times, pause periods and rotational speeds as well as the storage and programming of grinding cycles. Safety is paramount, as ever, with effective hood locking and noise-
reducing instrument lining.

The Vibrating Cup Mill PULVERISETTE 9 also comes with Fritsch’s new manual hydraulic Pellet Press. This is the fast and effective way to produce smooth, homogeneously surfaced pellets from your ground samples for analysis methods such as X-ray fluorescence analysis and infrared spectroscopy.

Fritsch’s faster, stronger and better Vibrating Cup Mill PULVERISETTE 9, with Pellet Press, turbocharging worthy of the name.

Date added: 2015-05-25 12:26:53