Hydraulic Pressure Press for Multiple Analysis Methods

The FRITSCH Pellet Press is a manual hydraulic press that has been especially designed for the fast and easy production of both highly permeable and solid pellets. A variety of different sized pellets can be produced depending on the pressing tool purchased in conjunction with the press: 40 mm dia, 32 mm dia, 20 mm dia and 12 mm dia.

The press produces a variable pressure up to a maximum of 250 kN, which will be relieved automatically in case of overstressing. Binding agents are also available for the pellets if required. The press is robust and easy to clean with an impact resistant housing. 

The pellets produced are perfect for many different uses including X-ray fluorescence analysis and infrared spectroscopy. The press is ideal for use in association with FRITSCH’S Vibrating Cup Mill, PULVERISETTE 9. This is the ideal choice for all tasks requiring brittle, hard and fibrous materials to be ground down, with maximum speed and efficiency, to analytical fineness.

This then is perfect for a wide range of applications such as mining, geology, ores, ceramics, metallurgy, agriculture, environmental science, as well as infrared and x-ray fluorescence analysis. Like the Pellet Press the PULVERISETTE 9 is easy to use and because it features a totally new drive concept and more power it is even more effective.

The motor has an interference-resistant, torque-optimised frequency converter that makes sure the motor output and the grinding set are precisely matched to the material being ground. Energy consumption is thereby optimised.

If you need precision-produced pellets for the most sophisticated of analysis techniques then the FRITSCH hydraulic Pellet Press, especially when used in conjunction with FRITSCH’S Vibrating Cup Mill PULVERISETTE 9, will produce top quality results every time.

Date added: 2015-05-25 15:30:28