GTM-System with EASY GTM Bowls takes Planetary Milling to a New Level

In what has got to be seen as a major opportunity for understanding the grinding process, FRITSCH, designers and manufacturers of laboratory instrumentation for sample preparation and particle sizing, have produced a new Gas Pressure and Temperature Measuring System (GTM-S).

Designed in collaboration with the Fraunhofer Institute for Applied Material Research, Dresden, it turns your planetary mill into a powerful analytical tool providing invaluable information on both temperature and gas pressure effects.

The temperature measurement will take into account the effects of all friction, impact and transformational processes and the measured gas pressure will describe both the adsorption and desorption of gases taking place at the surface of particles as they are continually being created during grinding. These are obviously vital parameters for optimising grinding, particularly in industrial applications, and for investigating the mechanical alloying that is crucial to producing new amorphous and nano-crystalline materials.

The GTM-System is for use with the following Planetary Mills from the FRITSCH classic line: the PULVERISETTE 4, PULVERISETTE 5 and the PULVERISETTE 6. Specifically it is designed for use with batch quantities that are ground in a totally enclosed container.

And Fritsch have now launched a range of EASY GTM grinding bowls, in a choice of stainless steel, tempered steel, agate, sintered corundum, silicon nitride, zirconium oxide, and hardmetal tungsten carbide for a variety of different samples. No further adaptation of the mill itself is required because a radio transmitter is fitted inside the bowl lid and that sends the data to a receiver interfaced with your PC.

This runs a WINDOWS graphical presentation of the measurement values and transfers them from there into Excel for further tabulation and presentation.

The system opens many important avenues for investigation. Grinding parameters such as rotational speed, balls/sample material ratio and grinding time can all now be readily adjusted without the need for expansive, time consuming trials.

Rapid phase formations can be observed for the first time in situ, as an adiabatic process, without any heat loss from the system. And, excitingly, thanks to the precision of measurement, new materials can be prepared with special mechano-chemical properties through the specific addition of reaction partners. 

The GTM-System with EASY GTM-bowls plus special lids and a transmitter and receiver board is really taking planetary mill grinding to a new level of sophistication.

Date added: 2015-05-25 12:30:27