The PULVERISETTE 2 with Choice of Grinding Sets for Challenging Mixing Tasks.

The laboratory scale mixing of different substances, whether they are solids with other solids or solids with liquids, can be a fraught business. The solids might be fine powders that should not undergo any further reduction, while liquids can vary considerably, from salines to resins and even mercury. 

The PULVERISETTE 2 from FRITSCH is ideal for these difficult mixing tasks, and for the fine grinding of both inorganic and organic samples. With a design based on the hand mortar it is suitable for a wide range of applications, including quality control, materials testing and analysis, as well as the challenging job of laboratory mixing.

The PULVERISETTE 2 grinding sets (mortars and pestles) are ordered separately upon purchasing the equipment in order to ensure that you can get the right combination for your mixing application. For one particularly difficult task, the fine distribution of pure liquid mercury in a mixture of fine solid metal powders, an agate grinding set with special adjustments for the minimising of energy application has been found to be ideal.

Filled pastes can be particularly challenging, especially when trying to add as much solid as possible to a high viscosity organic phase e.g. fine metallic, ceramic or inorganic powders to an organic binder, such as a synthetic resin or varnish. When adding a metallic powder to a high viscosity resin the PULVERISETTE 2’s hardened steel grinding set gave good results, with a progressive powder addition over 30 minutes, supported by the slight warming produced from the applied comminution energy. 

The addition of small amounts of liquid to a powder is similarly challenging. A visual consistent system was produced after adding 1 ml of solution to 50 gm of iron nitrate using the PULVERISETTE 2 with an agate grinding set.

For a wide range of laboratory mixing challenges and for fast and even comminution, especially with easy filling even during operation, the PULVERISETTE 2 is the perfect choice. Whatever your industry, the PULVERISETTE 2 helps provide the solution.

Date added: 2015-11-23 13:01:44