FRITSCH Come Clean with a Choice of Five Cutting Mills

If you need to reduce the size of soft to medium hard, fibrous and tough-elastic materials or heterogeneous mixtures then you need to be looking at the full range of cutting mills from FRITSCH.

FRITSCH produce five different models of cutting mills, all of which are designed for maximum efficiency during usage – and that means fast and easy cleaning. In a busy laboratory the last thing you want to be doing is occupying your time with screws and Allen keys when you can be getting on with the research that matters. And that is why FRITSCH have addressed the cleaning needs on all their cutting mills, in particular the FRITSCH PULVERISETTE 19.

They ensure that the entire grinding chamber can be accessed in seconds and that the sieve and the rotor are easily removed. In fact only with FRITSCH cutting mills is it possible to lift the entire top part of the housing, and the door as well, allowing the rotor to be removed without tools. This means that dead space is minimised and therefore cross-contamination is prevented.

What’s more, as FRITSCH produce five different models of cutting mills you can get a wide range of different of feed sizes, throughputs, final finesses and rotational speeds. That means maximum feed sizes from 70 x 70 mm to 120 x 85 mm with a throughput of 50 l/hr to 85 l/hr. Rotational speeds from 300 to 3400 rpm producing final finesses from 0.2 to 20 nm.

The lower range of rotational speeds (300-360 rpm) produces a low cutting rate but an extreme cutting force and thus is perfect for reducing hard, tough-elastic samples or smaller amounts. This is also ideal when thermal damage and the loss of volatile components must be avoided.

Plus, the PULVERISETTE 19 can be used in conjunction with the patented FRITSCH sample exhauster with cyclone separator. This innovation with its powerful vacuum function prevents material from escaping and provides excellent cooling. 

FRITSCH cutting mills are now indefensible for milling in a huge range of industries including plastics, agriculture, forestry, environmental science, construction, textiles, chemistry and as well as analytical sample preparation for RoHS-analysis. They really are a cut above the competition.

Date added: 2015-05-27 09:56:53