New Control Unit keeps the LABORETTE 24 Vibratory Feeder firmly in Control

The LABORETTE 24 Vibratory feeder from FRITSCH is the ideal choice for the uniform feeding of a wide range of free-flowing materials into any number of different mills, mixers and sample dividers in your research workplace and laboratory.

The LABORETTE 24 is suitable for both fine and coarse materials and can deliver them with feed speeds between 1 g/min and 2.5 g/min with complete accuracy and reliability. The material for treatment can be delivered via either a U or V-shaped stainless steel channel directly into your equipment, depending on whether you require a uniform, wide, sample feed (U channel) or a narrow, directed sample discharge (V channel).

The LABORETTE 24 Vibratory Feeder is compact and simple to clean thanks to the easily removable components and has an optional stand as required. What is more, the LABORETTE 24 Vibratory Feeder is now an even better choice because the microprocessor-based control box that regulates the vibration has been updated and the new unit gives you even greater control and flexibility.

Feed intensity and time is easily adjusted via the display and the operator, in the set-up mode, also decides the setting of the maximum feed quantity. The digital display of the set feed rate is given as a percentage and the rate is fully reproducible after changing the material. 

With this new control unit the LABORETTE 24 Vibratory Feeder is even more suitable for automatic feeding of laboratory mills or sample dividers. It is retrofittable to all LABORETTE 24 Vibratory Feeders and comes with both digital and RS232 interfaces. Safe and reliable, the new control unit makes the LABORETTE 24 Vibratory Feeder an even better choice.

Date added: 2015-05-25 15:49:02