ACHEMA is the leading forum for chemical engineering and the process industry, so it is not surprising to find FRITSCH, innovators in the field of particle sizing and size-reduction, well represented at ACHEMA 2015.


Milling options on show will include FRITSCH’S PULVERISETTE 11 Knife Mill, which is ideal for the fast but gentle grinding and homogenising of moist, oily and fatty samples and also soft, medium-hard and fibrous materials. This makes the PULVERISETTE 11 ideal for work involving the food industry.

Alongside this will be FRITSCH’S PULVERISETTE 14, a variable Speed Rotor Mill which offers impact shearing and cutting comminution in the one instrument with an extremely fast sample throughput of up to 15 litres per hour. FRITSCH’S PULVERISETTE 6 Planetary Mill offers premium performance for both wet and dry grinding, mechanical alloying, mixing and homogenising with reliable grinding results down into the nano range even for larger sample quantities.

FRITSCH’S PULVERISETTE 19 Universal Cutting Mill has been optimised for size-reduction with minimal cleaning effort. This is ideal for the comminution of soft to medium-hard, tough-elastic and fibrous materials and for heterogeneous mixtures.There are six different models available and a 316L corrosions-resistant stainless steel version.

Particle Sizing options on show will include the ANALYSETTE 28 with ImageSizer and ImageTec, ideal for the rapid analysis of particle shape and size and featuring Dynamic Image Analysis. This is suitable for suspensions and emulsions in the measuring range of 1 µm – 2.8 mm and with the ImageSizer bulk solids and dry, free-flowing powders can be analysed.

Date added: 2015-06-05 00:05:30