Freezing Cells At A Controlled Cooling Rate Without Alcohol

When you are freezing cells for storage (for subsequent thawing) you need the procedure to be cheap, straightforward, repeatable and to yield consistently high percentages of viable cells. The CoolCell from Biocision, now supplied by Panasonic (the new brand name for Sanyo Laboratory Products), achieves this with an elegant, easy-to-use design that eliminates the problems associated with alcohol-based freezers.

The CoolCell utilises a solid state core for freezing cells that gives a controlled rate of freezing (10C /min) without the use of any hazardous solvents. In fact the freezing rate of the CoolCell has been shown to be superior to alcohol-based freezers, with consistent freezing in every tube, whether the 12 or 30-tube model is chosen.

The insulated design of the CoolCell also means that your hands are protected when the CoolCell is removed from the freezer - and there will be no problems with stuck lids! Plus, of course, there is none of the ‘warm up’ time lag inherent with alcohol-based freezers. The CoolCell is ready to go again just minutes after a run has been completed, meaning minimal delay in freezing cells. This also makes it cheap to use – no need to refill with costly isopropanol and no need to dispose of the alcohol either. The CoolCell comes in various models for freezing cells, depending on your preferred storage system: 1ml and 2ml (x12 or x30) or 5 ml (x12) cryotubes and 2ml (x12) serum vial system.

In total this makes the CoolCell cleaner, cheaper and better for the environment. When is comes to freezing cells simply and without fuss, the CoolCell is just about as cool as it gets.

Date added: 2015-05-25 12:02:32