Food Analysis With DietQuest From Cecil

Cecil Instruments’ range of DietQuest spectrophotometers are fully pre-programmed and configured for food analysis and beverage analysis. These spectrophotometers use single and multi-wavelength measurement as well as spectral scanning.

The pre-defines measurement methods comply with the standard of domestic and international bodies and trade associations including:




Quick And Easy Measurement    

DietQuest streamlines even the most complex of assays. Simply select the required method from the on-screen menu display and follow the prompts for blanks, references and samples. A touch of the run key and automated measurement and result calculation are performed. All measurement results are displayed on-screen and can be printed on the integrated printer or an external printer complete with time and date.

User-Programmable Assays

The integrated Cecil Assay software allows for incredibly easy user programming of assays for beverage and food analysis; automatic measurement and computation of results make the DietQuest spectrophotometers reliable, accurate and an unparalleled time saver.

Any assay may be formulated for as many as ten wavelengths. The user merely has to set a wavelength program and enter text and formulae. As many as 20 formulae, each up to 76 characters long can be combined for complex methods and cell programming can be easily incorporated into multi-sample measurements.


DietQuest spectrophotometers are capable of performing all of the functions of any high quality spectrophotometer. Not only are they perfect for food analysis, but may be used for a wide range of applications in testing laboratories as well. The DietQuest:Vis is designed for measurements where only visible determinations are needed; the high performance, full-featured double beam DietQuest:D/B offers a full range of uses.

Concentration Curve Fit

When measurements are needed where concentration and absorbance are not linearly related, up to 30 editable standards or replicates are available for fitting quadratic or cubic curves. Linear results may be fitted to a straight line; and as many as 30 curves may be securely stored in the DietQuest’s onboard memory, protected by security codes.

Reaction Kinetics

Pre-programmed (for single or 4-6 cells in an automatic charger)  enzyme reaction methods are included using kits from Boehringer - Mannheim, Roche, Diogen, Megasyme and others.

Reaction curves are visible in the on-screen display and regression analysis can be applied to a user-defined portion of the curve. Some of these assays are simple end point measurements. When needed, sample temperature control may be provided by water circulation or by Peltier thermoelectric cell holders and controller.   

Sipette Sampling

The sipette sampling system permits rapid handling of samples without handling the cells themselves.  The sample volume may be user-defined and even with samples as small as 350µL, cross contamination is minimal.

DataStream - Data to a PC

Cecil’s DataStream software allows rapid export of raw or processed food analysis data to a PC and incorporated into Excel, Grafit or other spreadsheet or mathematical software for easy report generation, or manipulation.

Date added: 2015-05-24 11:47:58