Fluoroaromatics Products From Alfa Aesar

The Johnson Matthey Company, Alfa Aesar, has just released a new publication of the Advanced Fluoroaromatics brochure. This new and more informative brochure features many of Alfa Aesar's new compounds, with over 320 to offer this year.

With over 30,000 products in their arsenal, Alfa Aesar has been on the forefront of fluorine research, being an exclusive distributor of these vital compounds for the manufacturer JD Fluorochemicals.  JD Fluorochemicals has been producing fluoroaromatics for over thirty years, and is a trusted supplier.

In the pharmaceutical industry, nearly 20% of all drugs produced contain fluorine, which is used to bind the elements needed for the manufacture of certain anti-cancer drugs and antifungals, to name a few.  Fluorine is an extremely reactive substance, which makes it useful for the construction of agrochemicals as well, providing over 30% of the herbicides and pesticides used on today's successful farms.

Fluoroaromatics have been used for decades for the binding of chemicals to make new and better products, and Alfa Aesar is the industry leader of these important and vital fluorines.  Their assortment of novel chemicals are in use today, and as the biosciences and other chemical research areas proliferate, the need for these binders and catalysts will be paramount for succeeding developments.

You can also find other products and services from Alfa Aesar on this website including their analytical standards, photovoltaic substances and also their pharmaceutical development services. You can also find a profile page on how to buy research chemicals.

Date added: 2015-05-25 11:04:55