Fluorescence assays

The FLIPR Tetra High Throughput Screening System from Molecular Devices is industry-renowned, flexible and reliable real-time kinetic cellular assay screening equipment. Ideal for identifying early leads against GPCR and ion channel receptors, it features simultaneous pipette and read capability, making it ideal for fast kinetic cellular assays such as calcium flux.

Developed over the last 15 years, the fluorescence assays system offers exceptional functionality and performance and is the screening tool of choice for laboratories worldwide.


Abnormal function, expression and regulation of GPCRs and ion channels have been implicated in a range of diseases, such as mental health disorders, conditions of the endocrine, cardiovascular and central nervous systems, allergy and cancer.

To give pharmaceutical and biotechnology researchers an effective and timely way to discover new therapeutics, Molecular Devices launched the revolutionary fluorescence assays system to allow real-time kinetic cellular assays with the FLIPR Fluorometric Imaging Plate Reader. This dramatically increased the ability to screen libraries of candidate compounds against GPCRs and ion channel targets, reducing the time-to-market for new drugs.

User-friendly and adaptable

Recognising that user and assay needs vary considerably between applications, sample type and stages of the drug discovery screening process, the FLIPR Tetra system was designed to be highly configurable to individual requirements and environments.

The kit is available with either a fluorescence or luminescence camera. Using the luminescence camera, users can configure and switch between the read modes and this can also be adjusted to the appropriate signal window to detect signals from dim luminescence to bright fluorescence assays.

LED banks and emission filters can be exchanged in around 10 minutes, giving added flexibility when performing experiments with different fluorescent dyes. Furthermore, the slider can hold three emission filters so the system can be quickly configured for different single wavelength detection assays such as calcium mobilization and membrane potential or ratiometric assays.

Five different pipettor heads are available which can pipette reagents, compounds or cells and these can be easily changed whether a 96-, 384- or 1536-well is required. An optional cell suspension system further increases throughout by eliminating the need to plate cells and use separate compound plates during aequorin assays.

Robotics compatibility

For the optimum throughput, the fluorescence assay system can be interfaced to the SynchroMax ET or other laboratory robotics systems. The optional FLIPR TetraCycler Plate Handler further facilitates operation by enabling the exchange of microplates and pipette tips between the landing pad of the FLIPR system and third party robotics systems.

Assay kits

To further support GPCR and ion channel assays, Molecular Devices offers assay kits optimized for use with the FLIPRE Tetra fluorescence assay equipment. These include everything required for successful assays and include four Calcium and two Membrane Potential assay kits.

Other realted products from Molecular Devices include luciferase assay and transport assay products.

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