YSI Measurement Technology: Fast Results For Fast Food

The YSI Biochemistry Analyser has found many applications in Food and Beverage industries throughout the world, both for research and quality control. Products analysed include dairy, sugars, fruits (particularly tomatoes) and potatoes.

All food and beverage growers and manufacturers are natural customers for this instrument, which can analyse so many important chemistries -  glucose, sucrose, lactose, glutamine, glutamate, lactate, xylose, methanol, ethanol, glycerol, choline, hydrogen peroxide and galactose - with incredible accuracy and reliability thanks to YSI’s all-conquering immobilised enzyme technology.

However, the appeal of the YSI 2900 series extends far beyond the obvious, even within the Food and Beverage business. Perhaps surprisingly, the instruments have found a crucial role in the fast food industry. In the USA one major supplier to a large fast food chain has been measuring lactose levels in cheese filtrate.

Lactose can be used as a filler and hence the amounts permitted in cheese are regulated by the Food and Drug Administration. It is necessary for manufacturers to comply with said controls and to ensure that their product is properly competitive with those of rivals. This is where the YSI Biochemistry Analyser steps in.

Another fast food supplier, this time in Africa, adds glucose as a coating to their chips and fries prior to freezing, to ensure a nice brown finish to the potato product when it is cooked on different premises. The YSI Analyser helps ensure that this amount remains constant to produce a uniform product for the customers.

The latest 2900 series analyser is very easy to operate and because it’s modular in design it can be configured to measure up to 6 chemistries. The integrated auto-sampler, anti-clogging mechanism and intuitive screen make it reliable as well as accurate. On reflection then perhaps it is only natural that the YSI Biochemistry analyser should find a home in the fast food industry, after all it does supply results in under a minute ......... fast food results that really deliver too!

Date added: 2015-05-25 12:21:18