MAPTrix extracellular matrix From AMS Bio

For those who appreciate that what goes on in the extracellular membrane (ECM) is just as interesting and important as what happens inside a cell, MAPTrix™ technology from AMSBIO has become the essential research tool.

MAPTrix™ (Mussel Adhesive Protein based matrix) is able to mimic that environment by genetically combining mussel adhesive protein with a variety of bioactive (recognition) peptides.

This has allowed AMSBIO to develop the world’s first ‘combinatorial synthetic ECM library’ for engineering of integrin (and other receptor) specific surfaces.  In effect, MAPTrix™ extracellular matrix (ECM) based coatings or surface modifications, together with the ECM library, have become prefabricated building blocks for construction of a whole range of extracellular microenvironments.

Their many applications so far include stem cell technology, tissue engineering scaffolds, drug delivery, cell surface modification and coating of medical devices.

Convenient, ready to use, compatible with standard coating protocols, and with highly reproducible results, MAPTrix™ provides the ideal conditions for adhesion, spreading and maintenance of cells in serum-free and feeder-free cultures.

The success of MAPTrix™ owes much to the special properties of mussel adhesive protein – and in particular its wet adhesive strength, non toxicity, biodegradability and low immunogenicity.  It can be relied upon to stick firmly to a variety of surfaces including plastic, glass and metal, as well as biological materials.

Crucially, MAPTrix™ biomaterials are animal-free, biochemically defined and carry no risk of contamination by infectious agents.  Nor do they suffer from any species specificity.

All products comply with USP guidelines and FDA recommendations.  In terms of quality, customers can expect: a guaranteed purity of >90% (SDS-PAGE);  endotoxin levels below 20 EU/mL (LAL assay);  complete absence of bacteria, fungi and mycoplasma.

Inexpensive compared to traditional ECM, MAPTrix™ offers an extensive product list – currently no fewer than 115 lines – including mimics (mimetics) for every conceivable investigation.

Date added: 2015-05-25 12:15:00