Dry Bath Range From Cleaver Scientific

The digital dry bath product range from Cleaver Scientific offer the versatility needed for use in molecular biology and heating along with a wide variety of applications in the laboratory.

Standard Digital Baths

Standard bath units use a digital microprocessor controller which provides accurate temperature control ranging from +5°C to 150 °C. Baths are available in both single and dual block models, with a range of interchangeable blocks also available for use in these systems. Changing the blocks is easy and fast and the blocks offer a high level of temperature uniformity and short heating times. These units fit in virtually anywhere thanks to their space saving design which provides the performance you need in a low profile package.

The reliability, accuracy and durable construction of Cleaver’s dry bath range are proof that high performance doesn’t have to mean high cost. Providing the accuracy of digital models (± 0.2°C @ 37°C) at low cost, these baths are ideal for any laboratory.

Temperature and timer can be displayed simultaneously on the unit’s LCD screen and temperature calibrated by the user in increase increments of .1 °C. Function control and data logging software are also available to provide greater configurability and accurate tracking of methods.

The Cleaver Scientific Cube Baths Range

Cleaver’s cube bath range offers a compact profile and includes all of the important features for common laboratory applications at a very attractive price.

The cube dry bath range is suitable for applications which include:

  • Melting agar
  • Hybridization
  • Restriction digests
  • Denaturing DNA
  • Hot/Start thermo-cycled reactions
  • BUN Coagulation studies


All Cleaver Scientific cube baths feature aluminum chambers which can allow them to be used as water baths. Accurate temperature control between +5°C to 150°C  can be achieved with the baths digital microprocessor controls.

The baths are exceptionally user friendly, with timer and temperature simultaneously displayed on the integrated LCD display screen and quick and easy programming provided with arrow keys on the front panel of the unit.

Date added: 2015-05-25 12:57:10